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  • Weeknotes #66

    All the usual client-related activities are spinning away at Clearleft Towers, but they’re overshadowed in our minds by the looming prospect of Hack Farm, our annual retreat in the country. It’s just over one week away, and we’re drawing up the cooking plans with military precision. We’re splitting into teams of three or four people responsible for one night’s cooking. A certain level of rivalry is emerging already. (I’m on Team Spaghetti And Meatballs, by the way)

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  • Lining up Responsive Day Out 3

    I’ve been scheming away for a little while now on the third and final Responsive Day Out, and things have been working out better than I could have hoped—my dream line-up is becoming a reality.

  • Weeknotes #64

    The inexorable hipsterisation of Clearleft continues: fixie bikes, coffee machines, table tennis, facial hair …it’s just embarrassing really.

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